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Mission Statement

To strengthen and to be proud of our recovery program by developing three core principles: Education, Service, Health & Wellness. In doing so we change the perception of Addiction and help save lives through continuous healing of the "mind-body-spirit."






New Beginnings Recovery Center | Mary's Hope Sober Homes | Clean & Sober Olymipcs

An unmatched comprehensive treatment program fighting addiction and saving lives. 


      Fight addiction together, support those who have lost loved ones, and those who cannot afford the necessary treatment for recovery. Let us celebrate the individuals who are living in recovery today and those counseling others towards the way out of addiction.  Every dollar raised is used to bring us one step closer to ending the devastation of addiction in Colorado.



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The funds are used to help men and women get the proper treatment they need in order to stay sober and continue to be a positive members of our great city. Only 10% of the people dealing with substance use disorder get the treatment they need. This money is also used as the building blocks towads expansion. Our goal is to help as many people as we can. In doing so we are able to save lives and we as a community realize the rewards.

  • New Beginnings Recovery provides personalized comprehensive Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment
  • Mary's Hope operates 14 Sober homes allowing our clients to transition into long term sobriety
  • Together we have helped over 1500 people get clean & sober
  • We have over a 70% Success Rate - Leading the way in Colorado

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A Clean & Sober Olympian

For as little as $25 you can sponsor a sober man or woman on their unique jouney in recovery as he or she continues to make sobriety their top priority and participates in Sober Olympics. These men and women continue to give back every day in the form of Education, Service, Health & Wellness and are members of the Sober Olympics. Let's support them so we are able to attract more memebers!


     A Clean & Sober Home

 A $185 contribution you will support a sober home and the entire house will participate in this  event. This type of giving will help multiple people fight addiction.


The 2018 Clean & Sober Olympics Event

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    We are open to all ideas and suggestions regarding sponsorship. We have a large network of individuals        we work with every day. Let's work together and make this an amazing event and save more lives!! 


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More About Clean & Sober Olympics 


                       Education                                                   Service                                                  Health & Wellness



Every day in sobriety we are using education as the weapon to foster a stronger program and give back to others. We use education in treatment, education in relapse prevention, education to bring about a spiritual connection, education to help others by sharing our story and education to fight this disease one day at a time. Through education we know recovery is  the only way out, the way to break the chains. 

Sobriety is beautiful. One of the most beautiful things about it is the way in which we are of service to each other and in society. We help people who are in need. We love the way it makes us feel to be of service to others. Service and giving allows us to get out of oursevles and allows us to heal. Through service we find that our sobriety is made in bed rock. We find that thinking about you makes our life manageable. Sober Olympics through our service commitments will change the way society views addiction.

Like Service & Education, Health & Wellness is the other part of the whole to have long term sobriety. We treat the mind-body-soul and much of our treatment stems from eating right, participating in daily activites, and doing the things we really don't want to do. It is easy to eat poorly, it is easy not to work out, it is easy to forgo the treatments to the body and brain but when we do not do these things our life gets hard. Our lives get easy when we do the hard things and not until then. Health & Wellness for us is just as important as everything else in our sobriety.  


Featured Video


   The Story - The Launch - Clean & Sober Olympics Makes Our Program Stronger

  Leaders including our Founder / CEO Mary Brewer, Co- Founder / Vice President Chris Brewer and one of our clients Erik Hebert, a recovering addict, participate at Jump Start to change the perception of Addiction in Society and Save Lives.


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Everything we do is dedicated to giving our clients a second chance at life.

NBRC has a 70% success rate.