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DUI / DWAI Support Services & Information Page

Level II Education and Therapy

We are a premier provider of Level II DUI Education Classes and Therapy

  • In this difficult time our goal is to deliver a stress free process putting you first.
  • Combining Information & Participation makes our classes among the best in CO.
  • We give our clients the tools to make better decisions and help change behavior.
  • Our classes are priced right and are affordable for all needing them.
  • We work hard to keep you progressing towards your goal of program completion.

Alcohol & Drug Classes - What You Should Know About Them

Level I

What is a Level I?

Level I consists of 12 hours alcohol and drug education over a minimum of three sessions, unless an alcohol evaluator says more is required. A minor driver may be required to complete Level II education or Level II education and treatment depending on the alcohol and drug evaluator’s recommendations.

Level II

What is a Level II?

Level II consists of an alcohol and drug
education and treatment program, as defined by OBH, and are identified in their chart as Tracks A, B, C, and D, SHOWN BELOW.


What is an Enrollment?

An ‘Affidavit of Enrollment’, (DR 2643) completed by an OBH certified treatment agency, allows a driver who is required to complete a Level II course for reinstatement, to attend and complete their education and treatment program after and as a condition of reinstatement.

We provide the services to help you get your license back and stay compliant with OBH

LEVEL II Education Pricing and Treatment Course Guidlines

Education Classes Tue @ 5:00 PM -- Therapy Wed & Thur @ 5:00 PM

Individual Costs:

General Costs:

DUI Intake Orientation


Group Therapy

$30.00  Per Class

Education Classes

$20.00 Per Class

Required Books

$30.00 TX Track A, B, C, D

Additional Services Provided:


$(covered by most insurances, including  medicaid)


$10.00 Per month

Special Reports

$10.00 Per Report

Court Appearances

$150.00 (for 3 HRS)

Advance Counseling Groups



We offer many customized treatment programs. Ask us about all we offer if you are looking for more than what is stated on this page.

All services provided are in coordination with our program rules and regulations set forth by the State of Colorado. Our success rate is much higher than our competitors because of the way in which we approach our treatment programs and our dedication and passion to serve those in need.





Cost Per Class:

Total Fees:

Initial Fees



Pre-pay @ intake


Level II Education





Level II Therapy Track A





Level II Therapy Track B





Level II Therapy Track C





Level II Therapy Track D






An alcohol and drug program the court orders you to complete may differ from your Motor Vehicle reinstatement requirements.

Education and treatment classes must begin after the date of your most recent alcohol or drug violation.

Colorado Revised Statute

(CRS 42-2-132) requires completion of a Level I or Level II education and treatment program, and provides for the Affidavit of Enrollment.

If you used an Affidavit of Enrollment, DR 2643, in-lieu of a completed Level II to reinstate your privileges and the Department receives notice from the OBH provider that you are discharged as non-compliant with the Level II program, your license/privilege will be Cancelled & Denied for failing to complete the Level II. A letter will be  mailed to you at your last known address on record with Motor Vehicle. Once a letter is sent, you will need to provide proof that there was no lapse in your enrollment (renewed Affidavit of Enrollment) or proof of completion of a Level II program. You cannot use an Affidavit of Enrollment once the Cancel & Deny restraint becomes active.